Groma Kolibri


I have several ultraportables: a Hermes Rocket, an Olivetti Lettera 22 and a Smith-Corona Skyriter. These are beautifully designed machines that can hold their own against beefier portables. But none have a design as striking as my Groma Kolibri. Another blogger remarked that this is the iMac of the typewriter world: it’s remarkably slim. But what takes your breath away is its unique, sleek design, which defies categorization. I find beauty in every typewriter I own, but none is as stunning as this one. It was made in Germany, but it has the “USSR” stamp on the back.




Remington Mark II


I decided to buy this typewriter after reading Oz’s post on it.┬áIt was designed by Carl Sundberg, one of the most influential typewriter designers. Oz also points out that these are relatively rare. Pedigree aside, the crisp action of this typewriter quickly endeared me to it. It has a wonderful feel that makes you want to keep writing. It’s the first machine I own that doesn’t detach from the case.