The poet’s camera

I haven’t posted in months: I’ve been busy with correspondence and, recently, new and old photo projects. Photography is an integral part of my artistic career: I started shooting in my boyhood with a Polaroid camera. Before I put aside “Urban Poems & Other Explorations” (a series of urbanscapes in California) eight years ago, I experimented with both digital and film, especially toy cameras such as the Holga and Diana. I resumed film, usually shooting with a Leica M5 and Zeiss Contaflex, and took up medium format, which has been the most rewarding: I save it for my most ambitious shots, though I also plan to shoot with a 4 X5 Graphlex. I also shoot digital, too, but it won’t replace my love of film and all things analog. If you would like to see more pictures, search Edwin Feliu at Flickr.