Voss De Luxe


Voss3 - Copy

Voss2Stunning machine. Hard to put down: it’s silky smooth and exudes engineering precision. The bulbous body glows with a sheen, and the feel is crisp; the return lever swings like glassy water. It mesmerizes and seduces, extracting secrets and confessions. It laughs at your puny reams of paper, and responds like a coiled spring.



  1. joevc says:

    Wonderful machine and poetic description.

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    • E.A. Feliu says:

      Thanks, joevc. You nailed it: I resorted to a poetic tone because I think that’s the best way to summarize this typewriter. I’ve read about others having difficulties describing it. Won’t replace my Olymoia SM3s, but it’s a close call.


  2. Richard P says:

    Ah, yes — this is a gorgeous beast.

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  3. PING AMRANAND says:

    One of my favorite typers and your description of it is right on.

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