Man the Torpedos



Torpedo3Not being well-versed in Torpedos, I can’t identify this model, which was made in West Germany in the ’50s or ’60s. It’s an astounding machine, and reminds me of my Olympia SM5, though it has a different feel and personality. It has a fabulous touch, and doesn’t require a strong keystroke. In fact, I find a light touch is best with this one, else the print tends to smudge slightly. The keys have a deft heft.


TorpedotypefaceI find the elite typeface seductive, along with the design. It’s not flashy but it’s certainly not drab. It has an understated elegance. My preference lately is for American uprights from the ’20s and ’30s, but I find excuses to use this Torpedo, which is never far from reach.



  1. Love Poem?! If that’s love, I’ll have vanilla. Richard Brautigan’s “Love Poem” seems to me a perfect recipe for loneliness. I almost cried. Give me a loved one with a sunny face (like the one on the front of my loved one’s head) whose eyes I can look into first thing when I wake up. I’ll NEVER tire of saying that I love her, because I will ALWAYS love her–as she does me.


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