Olivetti Lettera 35


This one ended up in my hands because of a misunderstanding. A friend wrote to me with a Lettera 31, and I was so impressed by the elite typeface that I ordered one–a 35, that is. Only after the purchase did I realize I had confused the two.

It turned out to be a happy accident.


The 35 is a stunning machine with a crisp feel, much unlike other Olivettis with a softer touch. Its sleek design invites stroking its lean sides. It has a solid, meaty body with plastic keys.The keyboard may seem a bit crowded, but I find my fingers glide along it effortlessly. I find the elite typeface beautiful; then again, I have a penchant for 12-pitch.

jarrellquote1This is at my 7th Olivetti, and is my favorite so far. The return lever is a bit too stubby for my tastes, but I don’t struggle with it. This compact portable, which came with a sturdy molded case, can hammer out a manuscript as well as its beefier counterparts.

Oz has a wonderful post on the Lettera 35 here.

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