Olympia SM4


This machine is like a bad addiction: once you get your hands on it, you can’t stop. It has the same crisp, cushioned feel of an SM3, though for some reason I find the carriage shift on the SM4 heavier; in fact, it feels like my SM5. I bought this one from a young lady who it was a gift but didn’t use it anymore. The white body has age-related stains which resemble big freckles, and the labels on it show it was serviced a few times. It came with the original instructions and a cleaning kit, and the case is in good shape. I really like the keyboard tab system, which make setting tabs a cinch. Unlike my SM3s, this one has pica Senatorial typeface, which I have come to like very much. Like my two SM3, this one is never far from the desk. You can read more about the differences between the SM3 and SM4 here.



4 thoughts on “Olympia SM4

  1. Richard’s tips on tuning an Olympia SM series have saved my poor weak computer-trained pinkies much fatigue. The tips (including the carriage shift adjustment) are on p. 172 of “The Typewriter Revolution”. I’ve made the adjustment on every one of my SM3s, SM4s, and SM7s; it really helps. Just be sure not to run the screws out TOO far, they’ll drag on the underside of the carriage and things will come to a dramatic stop.


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