Rheinmetall KST


I didn’t know anything about this maker until very recently, when a friend wrote a letter with one and noted that not many people know about them. Though they are not cheap for the most part, I found one for a reasonable price. I was crushed when I saw that the keys were frozen. Thanks to another friend, however, I was able to free the keys fully after coating every moving part with hot transmission fluid and penetrating oil. This is an unorthodox method, but it works, although I prefer denatured alcohol. But in dire circumstances (and I had a sinking feeling then), I turn to it gladly. The machine worked fine after that. Its only flaw is that it doesn’t always engage at the same point when I return the carriage. A firmer touch remedies that.

This KST is an excellent machine, one I also find very appealing. Some find the touch a bit stiff, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. I find myself cruising swiftly when I write with it: the carriage has a buoyancy that is suited for heavy-duty work. I find the pica typeface on this one very legible and tidy. If given the opportunity at the right price, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another.




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