Olympia SM7





I’m a big fan of Olympias, and consider my SM3 and SG1 some of my best machines. I also have an SM9 but I never took to it. I thought the SM7 would be more like the latter, but I was wrong: the SM7 has its own personality. The feel is very crisp, and the keys make a beautiful “clack” when they hit paper. I was tickled by the Double Gothic typeface on this one, which has been getting heavy use. Oz notes in this post that James Baldwin was a fan of them, although he also used Adlers. Scott Schab, author of Typewriters for Writers, says he uses the SM7 when he wants to make an impression.


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  1. hey, that’s what I have on my desk now! (:
    I agree that the SM7 is special, probably more like a properly-working H2000 than an SM9 in feel. I prefer the looks over the SM9 too – puts across that early-60’s space age vibe very effectively. (:


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