Olympia SM7





I’m a big fan of Olympias, and consider my SM3 and SG1 some of my best machines. I also have an SM9 but I never took to it. I thought the SM7 would be more like the latter, but I was wrong: the SM7 has its own personality. The feel is very crisp, and the keys make a beautiful “clack” when they hit paper. I was tickled by the Double Gothic typeface on this one, which has been getting heavy use. Oz notes in this post that James Baldwin was a fan of them, although he also used Adlers. Scott Schab, author of Typewriters for Writers, says he uses the SM7 when he wants to make an impression.



One thought on “Olympia SM7

  1. hey, that’s what I have on my desk now! (:
    I agree that the SM7 is special, probably more like a properly-working H2000 than an SM9 in feel. I prefer the looks over the SM9 too – puts across that early-60’s space age vibe very effectively. (:


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