Hermes 3000 (1960s model)


I’ve had a thing for Hermes typewriters since I bought a 2000 model earlier this year. To that I added a Hermes 3000 (’70s version), a Hermes 10 electric and this ’60s Hermes 3000. My favorite remains this earlier version of the 3000, which is featured in “All the President’s Men.” It is a beautiful machine that exudes grace and power. Look at those curves! Unlike the later version, this one has a solid metal body; both are great typers. This one is in great shape, and was well taken care of. I found it interesting, however, that the “a” key will jump if my typing technique gets sloppy. I have the same issue with my 2000.




2 thoughts on “Hermes 3000 (1960s model)

  1. Nice addition to your collection. I’ve noticed the same thing with other machines. The letter a is the third most frequently used but is struck with the weakest finger of the weakest hand.


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