Triumph Gabriele 35


I didn’t want to buy this typewriter: it looked too much like my Adler J5. And, essentially, that’s what it is, at least when it comes to feel and looks. But this Gabriele has elite typeface, my favorite, and that won me over. Like most typewriters, it needed a cleaning and some bending of jammed type bars. After a few pages, it performed flawlessly. These don’t come up often, and I recommend getting them when they do. They are essentially Adlers, as pointed out in this Oz post, which calls it a solid typer. Curiously, the former owner, a certain Ubaldo (an Italian name), scratched his name  and phone number in Italy on the front trim. He also joined the margin stops with a string, something that baffles me and later jammed the carriage until I removed it. The keyboard has the lira symbol, something I have not seen in my other typewriters.



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